Paul Lansky

American composer Paul Lansky has been involved with electronic music since the 70s. His piece Six Fantasies on a Poem by Thomas Campion uses a processing technique called linear predictive coding (LPC) to transform a recorded voice. He is using a single reading of the poem to generate 6 'versions' of the poem. Three of those are available on his website (compare, for instance,  'Her Reflection' with 'Her Song').  Notjustmoreidelchatter is another voice based piece. You can read more about Lansky, with detailed examination of several of his compositions.

Famously Radiohead used a chord sequence from his piece Mild und Leise (he is using fm-synthesis in this piece) in their song Idioteque. The tile of this piece refers to Lansky's own inspiration which came from Wagner's opera Tristun und Isolde - Mild und Leise is the line opening Isolde's liebestod which ends the opera, though the musical link is Lansky's take on Wagner's harmony (the famous Tristan chord). 

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