Analogue 'sequencer' using distance sensor (with the arduino platform).
Silent Drum from Jaime Oliver (not jamie) using Pd/Gem to map gesture to audio creating a new instrument.

Matthew Burtner's Metasax "is an acoustic tenor saxophone retrofitted with an onboard computer microprocessor, and an array of sensors that convert performance data into independent continuous control messages for a computer. The instrument has additionally been outfitted with a unique microphone system allowing for detailed control of the amplified sound. While maintaining full acoustic functionality, the metasax is also a versatile computer controller and an electric instrument."

An audio-visual improvisation (pure-data+Gem) using aluminium cans as a sound source.

EyeCon from Frieder Weiss. A platform for designing interactive systems using video cameras for audio-visual performance. Glow and Mortal Engine are two good examples of theatre performance, while Emily-Schalmp for installation/street art.

Guitar processing from Miller Puckette. Using six separate pick-ups to control processing of each string individually.
Another example of live processing of guitar sound.

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