Music Plagiarism

Compare (from 3:50)

to (from 1:20)
Did it cross the line from inspiration to simple plagiarism? All the musical elements are borrowed/stolen with some rearrangement. 



A useful sorting of the motifs in Wagner's Ring cycle with notation and synthesised audio. And a vidoe playlist of the same


from notation to music

The internet is a wonderful thing:
Too often we talk about the score when we mean the music. 



Machine Learning Systems in Concert

My partner in crime (Dr. Bob Sturm) and I recently hosted a concert of music co-created with computers. The concert ended with the first performance of my piece Bastard Tunes:

Read about the composition process of this piece and about the research that went into creating the system.


'Folk' Tune 'Arrangements'

Standing on the shoulders of giants such as Bartok or Berio, I recently finished writing an ensemble piece titled Bastard Tunes. The piece was composed with the help of a machine learning system trained on transcriptions of Celtic music. The system produces short melodies that share many characteristics with the style it learned. But, with the possible exception of the fourth Bastard Tune, my piece applies more freedom in the way the system's output is used as compositional material. The piece will be premiered in a concert with other examples of music composed by and with computers.